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A whole section of downloadable eBooks. These are free to use, I will be adding more when I can get them.

The basics

2022-01-24 (4).png

SAS Survival handbook 2nd edition

2022-01-24 (5).png

US Army FM 2176 Survival Manual

R (2).jpg

How to find your way map reading

2022-01-24 (2).png

The SAS Self-Defence Handbook 

First Aid

first aid (2).jpg

Full First Aid Manual FM-2111

2022-01-24 (13).png

Survival personal wilderness medical kit

2022-01-24 (7).png

Medical Survival Wound Closure Manual

2022-01-24 (11).png

Wilderness Medicine Course

2022-01-24 (9).png

Where there is No Dentist


2022-01-24 (22).png

Australian Bushcraft 

2022-01-24 (23).png

Woodsman ship 

2022-01-24 (24).png

Bushcraft leatherwork

2022-01-24 (25).png

Bushcraft scouting woodlore

2022-01-24 (26).png

Flint knapping


Basic book of knots and lashings

Knots-Splices Attachments

Essential Fishing knots

Ropes Knots Ladders Lashings Anchorages

Handbook of Knots Splices

Sea scout knots

Knots and String

Tying farm knots


What Knot Useful Knots for Scouting and Climbing

Knots splices and rope work

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