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Ok, you've just started out, A bit if advice, 'START SMALL' Don't compare yourself to someone that you have read about online, that has been prepping for years. Or all the photos of huge storage rooms, filled with food and supplies. 

Everyone who has started prepping, had to start somewhere, just like you.

Start small and do a little bit at a time. As long as you keep it up, you’ll have a substantial amount before you know it.

3 days storage

3 Days

This is the recommended amount of food and water you should always have on hand.

On average every household already has this much food. If you are living day to day, it's time to adjust your mindset. Get at least three days’ worth and use it as your starting off point.

If and when something bad happens or you can't get out, use the food in your fridge first, as it may be the first things to spoil, which means you can save your food in the cupboards for the following days.

3 Weeks

Now that you have at least a three day food supply, it time to start adding to it. Find out how much food you or your family eats on a normal day and multiply that number by 21. Then you will know how much you will need to get in the meet that demand. Don't go overboard and start to get massive amounts in, remember to do this gradually, so when you go food shopping, buy extra of anything that doesn’t have to be chilled in a fridge. A little extra every time will soon mount up. Only get the foods that you and your family enjoy, and maybe those special items that you treat yourself with once in a while. Carry on doing this until you have 3 weeks of food, and don’t forget to rotate it all, when you need to. 

3 weeks storage
3 months storage

3 Months

Now it is time to start your long term food storage items that are best purchased in bulk. This is items like pasta, rice, sugar, flour, and so on. You may want to join a wholesaler like Makro or Bookers, this depends on where you live as it's different in other countries.

If you don't now how to cook and rely on ready meals, it's time to learn how to cook from start to finish. You'd be surprised how easy it is, there is plenty of YouTube videos on how to make your favourite dishes, Try several different meals from scratch that you could make.  When you find some that your family likes, buy the necessary ingredients in bulk.

6 Months to a Year

Now you have got to the goal of three months, it's time to start to double it, You should have a variety of foods and snacks to keep your family healthy, content and happy. Hopefully your cooking skills have improved (for those that have learnt). Even though you may have a lot of canned goods, use them to supplement on your dried goods. Cans and some ready meals may have a lot of sodium, be mindful of your health, especially if you are older. 

1 year storage

One Year is generally the goal for most preppers to get their food supply up to. It might take a while or years to get there, but you will get there. Once you get to this point, don’t stop, continue on. Remember! Don't leave and forget, rotate your supply. F.I.F.O. method. You will discover all new foods, new ways to cook them, mixing it up. Also you may come up with new ways to store them. Keep it going and you will get better at it.

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