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Find an area suitable for your camp fire, not too close to trees and other woodland growth. Mark the area for where the pit will be and clear all around it, approx. 10-12 feet.

suitable area

Check for roots

Whilst digging, you may come across some small roots, you will need to clear these as they could burn along their path to the nearby woodland. You wouldn't want to set alight the woodland after you have gone.

clear roots


Now you have your area, you can now dig down a few inches as you will be making a pit. Keep the soil and dirt to one side, this will be used to cover the pit when you have finished and leave the camp.

dig area

Ready for fire laying

Now the clearing has been done, you are ready to start laying the foundations of your fire. There are many areas you could have a camp fire, in the woods, on the beach even some areas could have premade ones for you. Principles are the same, make sure you clear the area.

stones around fire pit
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