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A water filter straw will allow you to drink from natural water sources when you don’t have access to clean and potable water. It converts unsafe water filled with thousands of parasites and deadly microorganisms to water that is safe and clean for human intake. This has been invaluable in counties where access to clean water is restricted or nearly impossible. 

A water filter straw would have multiple purifiers integrated inside, so while sipping water from a natural reserve like a river, the water gets cleaned, filtering out those unwanted organisms and elements.

A water filter straw is for everybody to use. You cannot live without water, so having an easy means of access to make water safe for drinking is a massive sigh of relief. Campers, backpackers and preppers would usually have this handy, especially for long adventures in the wilderness or a bug out scenario. Anybody who doesn’t have access to clean and drinkable water is advised to have this because this will serve as the ultimate lifeline in replenishing our water needs. It’s ideal for day to day living to times of disasters and pandemics.


General make up of a water filter straw

It basically has a simple process, and it is straightforward to use too. All you need is to put the other end of the straw into your water resources like a stream or a river, and you drink on it like you are drinking a regular soda. As you sip, the water moves up and goes through all the integrated filters within that hallow tube. By the time it reaches your mouth, it is already safe and clean, with all the bacteria, chemicals and even viruses removed. After drinking, you just need to blow into the straw to remove any excess fluid.

It works very simply but all the fast action happens as the water rise in direction to your mouth. The water will have to go through a series of filters to start blocking the larger contaminants and debris and then eventually go through finer membranes with a dimeter of 15 microns and even less to catch and block smaller microorganisms. For the straw to filter out viruses, it should have an ultra-filtration system with a diameter of 0.1 microns.

Starting from the pre-filter phase up to the hollow fibre membrane and up to the carbon filters, it all works layer by layer to meticulously remove those unhealthy particles Depending on the frequency of usage and the state of water you are filtering, a single water straw filter should be able to filter a year’s worth or about 1,000 litres of water. Some can do more, some less.

There are different types on the market for your use and budget

Basic and low-priced

At most two filtration layers, this is straws that fall between the affordable price range. Usually, it will have two layers of filtration systems. You will need to replace the filters after several hundred litres of water. Since these are low priced, you only get the water filter straw with no accessories or cleaning tools.


At least two filtration layers, with a price tag ranging in the middle price range. These are water straw filters that would have two or three layers of filtration. It normally comes with straw accessories like a case of a nylon bag or sometimes with cleaning instruments. A single straw is perfect for a few thousand  litres of water before you need it to be replaced.


It can filter very tiny particles and can work as purifiers, these are the high-end water filter straws that can come at a cost. But with its price comes a filter that is capable of being water purifiers. It can accommodate hundreds of thousands of litres before it needs to be replaced. The reason why it costs more is it has a lower micron rating. It can filter contaminants with a size of 0.01 to 0.02 microns. Also the parts would be replaceable, this would keep the cost down in the long run. These straws also come in with additional accessories to add more convenience to your side. It may come with a water pouch so you can easily collect water and filter it from the flask instead of directly from the source. It also comes with cleaning syringes to help you clean and flush any remaining debris that can cause any clogs. Lastly, a carrying case with a strap is included so you can easily transport it.

Example of a high end filter

examples of filters
components of filter

I am using the Survivor filter Pro as an example, as I use these myself and find them easy to use.

It is up to you which filter to use, based on your use and needs.

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