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MRES and freeze-dried food



Freeze dried food

Freeze-drying is a special form of drying that removes all moisture and tends to have less of an effect on a food's taste than normal dehydration does. In other words it is flash frozen.

This process allows the food to retain more nutritional value that other methods. 

There is quite a variety of freeze-dried meals, like Chicken fried rice, Salmon and broccoli and scrambled egg and cheese, also lots of puddings, that come in cans or pouches.  They even do meal kits for days and months. Mind you home-cooked meals are still the best way to cook. But they are great for that easy meal you can prepare.

The cans will have serving amount, this will depend on how much you or your family eats. Just add a little water and hey all done. Always read the labels though. 

Another advantage is they last for a very long time, up to 25 years, depending on how you store them.

They can be expensive, so maybe a little at a time and it will soon build up.


The MRE (Meal, Ready to Eat) is a totally self-contained complete meal. One MRE equals one meal.

The packaging of an MRE is designed to withstand rough conditions and exposure to the elements. Inside each MRE bag is an entrée and a variety of other food and drink items.

While MREs should be kept cool, they do not need to be refrigerated. 

They can be eaten hot or cold, (I prefer hot), I either just pop it in some water and boil it for about 8 minutes or you can use a flameless ration heater. The ration heater contains finely powdered magnesium metal, alloyed with a small amount of iron, and table salt. To activate the reaction, a small amount of water is added to the bag and the boiling point of water is quickly reached as the exothermic reaction proceeds.

You can buy these online or in special shops. If buying online, always check the expire dates, they are designed to last, but no way near as long as freeze-dried food. 

Some taste good, some not, it's down to your personal preference. 

Also some do have a high sodium content, so please check.

They are designed for the military, so the calorie count is high. 

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