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Consumables & other supplies

Don't forget about the other things you need as well.

Having all of your household essentials stocked is the key to an efficient supply.

I don't need to explain in detail what you need, but I have put a list together of the most common items.

cleaning- goods


Of course you will need to do you normal cleaning throughout your home.

Kitchen and bathroom sprays, anti-bacterial sprays, bleach, micro-fibre cloths, washing dertergent, washing up liquid, sponges and pads, floor cleaner, spare mop head, rubber gloves and rubbish bags.


Your general supplies for these areas.

Paper towels, wipes, plastic wrap, aluminium foil, freezer bags, sandwich bags, and other consumables.

toilet paper


Don't forget your hygiene needs for you and your family.

Soap and hand wash, toothpaste and mouthwash, shower gel and shampoo, razors and shaving gel/cream, cotton buds and pads, feminine hygiene, maybe a face mask or scrub to de-stress you. Toilet roll and toilet wipes and anything else you need. 

Hygiene suppplies
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