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Common Mistakes

When we all start something, we will always make a few mistakes. But we learn from them.

Here are some mistakes that can be prevented from the start, with the remedy, take a read, and you may agree.

common mistakes preppers make

Beware of off the shelf kits. Most of them are not worth buying. They have cheap crap in them, which would fail on you when you need it. Review them first, or better still make your own.

A note on backpacks, get a descent one, there's plenty out there that are nasty. 

Don’t just buy some gear, pack it away, pat yourself on the back and move on. You are not prepared unless you practice with your supplies and plans.

Predicting when an emergency can happen is impossible, so a person with a good prep is best.​


Be realistic and practical. Focus on the things that matter most and remember that simpler is better.

All these movies out there about the end of the world are impractical, The actors always survive.

Wouldn't that would be nice.

Doing stuff too fast, take your time, prepping is a lifestyle. Enjoy what you do in your everyday life. You don't want to get fed up because it's not coming together quick enough.

Don't be a lone wolf, connect with others that share the same ideas.

A bug out bag is exactly what it means. There is no fixed route to go along, nothing is predetermined.

It is there when you need to get out.


Saying that, we all take stuff out of our gear to do other things, like camping & I need that knife to cut something and so on. Then we put it on the side and forget it. Your bug out bag will not be complete until you put back the items or replace them.

When you need it, you won't have it. = Unprepared.

You may have a plan to bug out, hey, great, but what if you need to bug in and you have no contingency plan. Do both, so you are truly prepared.

Don't use the pound shops to get your main gear (not unless it's some food, medical or household items) or some items from cheap sites online (you know what I am talking about) its cheap and will fail. SIMPLE!

It's best practice to get some higher quality items, you'd be surprised at the price or look at second hand to start with. You may be on a budget, so look after the pennies, buy once not twice.

Not everything you need to buy, you could possibly make some things. there is plenty of resources out there. You Tube and some posts on Tik Tok is a good place to start.

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