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What to store


Steak chunks & hams

Corned beef & meatballs

Hotdogs & Chilli

Chicken & pork

Various pies

All day breakfast

Salmon (pink and red)

Tuna, mackerel & sardines

Vegetables all varieties 

Tomatoes and kidney beans

Baked beans & spaghetti hoops

Macaroni cheese

and many more


White flour

other flours

(but may not last as long)

Powdered milk

Powdered potatoes

Rolled oats

Dried beans (many varieties)

Pasta (many varieties)

Gravy and oxo cubes


(not the microwave kind, that's not good for you)

Various dried meats


Ketchup & brown sauce

Hot sauce & BBQ sauce


Salt & pepper

Spices (so many to choose)

Baking powder & Yeast, oils.

(lasts a few months)

Baking soda and cream of tartar

(mix these together instead of using baking powder)

Tea & coffee

Sugar or sweeteners

Honey & peanut butter



Mixed fruit

Peaches & pears

Pineapple & grapes

Condensed milk

Rice pudding

also other puddings in a can

Jelly powder


There is many different

companies out there that offer freeze dried foods

Most of them will have a 25 year shelf life

I will cover this in more detail in another section

It's now got to the bit where you need to know what to store. Everyone is different. There is no set list you need to follow to the word, it all comes down to what you or your family likes. Only store what you and your family would normally eat. There's no point in getting the blandest food that would last ages, if you won't eat it. Never store food your family hates or food your family hasn’t tried, there's just no point, you would be wasting your money and using up valuable space.

During times of struggle, short or long term scenarios, you need to know that the supplies that you have got in, was well worth the effort. You will like it and so will your family, especially if you have children. There is nothing worse than staying, 'oh no! not that again' or thinking why the hell did I buy that for. We all learn by our mistakes, lets not do a lot of them before you even start. 

Here is a basic list of foods with a long shelf life (a year or longer). Don't forget your baking ingredients.

All foods can be prepared in different ways, start to familiarise yourself with different recipes to vary your meal times.

When you do store a lot of bulk dry foods like flour and rice, be sure you also buy some diatomaceous earth, make sure it is food grade, it will kill pests, but is safe to consume.

The list of long-lasting foods is endless, but this is just to get you started. Bear in mind, if there is some items that you of your family just must have, get plenty of it, (as long as it can last) you'd just kick yourself if you don't. 

So, when you go shopping, just think of what you need, what would be nice, then add it to your supplies.

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