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Image by Alexandra Lowenthal


An axe is an invaluable tool when you venture out into the wild, or even camping.

It is best to carry one for your camp. A hatchet is the best to take. You would only take a larger axe for the jobs at hand. 

As I have said before, a knife is always must to take out with you, but pair it with an axe, it makes the work easier.

Of course as with a knife, a sharp blade is essential. The same goes for your axe. I wouldn't try chopping with a blunt axe, it would need more effort and can be very frustrating. Also very dangerous, as a blunt axe would miss or slip more, causing accidents.

Image by Justin

You will need to protect your hands and face. These are the steps to avoid any accidents while sharpening an axe:

Wear thick leather gloves or you can get some safety gloves

If you are using a file, make sure it is in good working order, with a handle is best.

Wear safety goggles or glasses to protect against any metal particles. 

If you want to wear a mask, go ahead, but if you will be using a power tool a mask is a must. 

protective gear

There are so many videos on the web on how to sharpen your axe. I will be updating this section soon. So you will have some good solid and safe ways to sharpen your axe. 

In the meantime have a look at wikihows website about sharpening axes. Here is the link.

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