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Family Food Storage Calculator

Let's talk about food storage. You may well think that you will pop into the shops and get a few extra items. That is all good as I have mentioned before, but you need to plan it.

Most stores will have only three to six days worth of food in them, it sounds hard to believe, with the supermarkets filled to the brim. They do have to replenish those items, and they do this on a daily basis. When and if a new scenario raises its ugly head, we probably will not allowed to do the things we love. The food stores are going to be hit first, we have all seen this happen the last time. The shops were emptied in a few days, and people were fighting over the last scraps.

I think you will not want to go through this again.

You do not need to spend hundreds of pounds to try and do it all in one go, most people just don't have that kind of disposable income, just an extra £20 or so per shop would do the job. If you do this, in a few months you will find that you have a nice bit of emergency food stored.

Make a list of the basic things you need, if you will not be able to get out for at least a week, or maybe longer. Always keep your supplies equal, so if you have one month of food supplies, make sure you have a month's supply of water as well. Most of the time there will be running water, but please don't rely on it.

I have in the downloads section, printouts to help you. But even better now, there is a Food Storage calculator, this is to help you plan ahead.

This is how it works for you:

On the top, you will see 'number of weeks or months' Please fill this in. Do the same for the other sections, which have separate entries.

Fill in the items you and your family like, basic ones first, then maybe some others. Add the pack size and the amount for adults and children. You will see the columns self-populate. (Do not enter in the blue columns).

If you have items stored already, enter this in the stored column. It will be deducted from what you need to get.

Use this form for all that you need. A running total will be shown in the top right of the sheet.

You can print this out as well.

I hope you find this really helpful. Please leave a comment if you wish.

Below you can find the link to go straight to it.

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