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When it comes to emergency situations, being prepared is crucial. That's why the Tactical IFAK Trauma Kit Standard is a must-have for anyone who spends time outdoors. This comprehensive medical kit includes essential supplies for treating minor injuries as well as severe trauma. The durable and compact design makes it easy to bring on any camping, hiking, or survival trip. With the Tactical IFAK Trauma Kit in your possession, you can feel confident knowing you're ready to handle any emergency situation.

Tactical IFAK Trauma Kit Standard

VAT Included
  • EMT Pouch
    Field Tourniquet
    Medical Tape
    Medical Scissors 
    PBT 5cm Bandage x 2
    Iodine Prep Pad x 4, Iodine swabs x 5
    Alcohol Prep Pad x 4, Alcohol swabs x 5
    Nitrile Powder-free Gloves M & L Pair
    Emergency Blanket
    Trauma Bandage (Israeli 4")
    6" Light Stick
    Plasters and a CPR Guard
    First Aid Manual, TCCC card & Pen


  • For individuals who lack formal training in first aid, it is crucial to understand the care instructions to provide basic assistance in emergency situations. The guidelines in the manual aim to equip non-qualified individuals with the necessary knowledge to respond effectively. It is important to remember that while these instructions can be helpful, seeking professional medical help should always be a priority. In the event of an emergency, assess the situation and ensure your safety before approaching the injured person. Call for emergency medical assistance if necessary.