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Survivor Filter - Reusable Personal Water Filter with Triple Absolute Filtration to 0.05 Microns. Comes Assembled with Cleanable Ultra Filter, Replaceable Carbon Filter and 6 Cotton Pre-Filters

  • BETTER FILTRATION AND OUR USA TESTS PROVE IT. Proven protection against tested Virus, Bacteria and Staph. Just Ask us for Copies of our Tests!.
  • LASTS LONGER THAN THE COMPETITION: Never throw it away thanks to the 3 Removable Internal Filter Stages - Membrane Ultra Filter which Lasts up to 100,000 Liters (26,417 Gallons), Replaceable Carbon Filter that last up to 1000 Litres (264 Gallons) and are simple to change and the Cotton Pre-Filters which last 264 Gallons a Piece (5 Extra Cotton Pre-filters included). For a Limited Time – Buy A Replacement Ultra Filter for 50% when purchased with the Straw or Squeeze Kit
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT AND INCLUDES PROTECTIVE MOUTHPIECE TO KEEP BACTERIA OUT: Bacteria will never get into the mouthpiece of your device thanks to our proven 0.05 Micron filtration and the Special Flip Top and Mouthpiece. Plus the Survivor Filter i