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The PROMETHEUS FIRESTRIKZ Fire Starting Kit is a handmade in the UK, top-quality fire starter for outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, scouts, and cadets. Featuring a British Army 9.5mm Ferro rod, this kit provides a reliable and long-lasting source of fire for all your camping and survival needs. This larger, compact and lightweight kit is easy to carry and includes everything you need to get a fire going, including a striker and some fire plugs. Whether you're hiking, camping, or in an emergency situation, the PROMETHEUS FIRESTRIKZ kit will help keep you warm and safe.


VAT Included
  • 9.5mm British Army Ferro rod with a Stag horn handle.

    Fire striker.

    Mini bellows.

    Nice pieces of fatwood x 2.

    8 x FIRESTRIKZ Fire plugs. 

    Wax infused with magnesium Jute sticks.

    Sawdust for tinder.

    LED keychain light*

    Tactical Molle Pouch.


  • *whilst stocks last