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The Premium Survival Kit is a must-have for every outdoor enthusiast. Packed with high-quality essentials, this kit includes a variety of tools and gear to help you survive in any situation. From a durable multitool and compass to a bright headlamp and emergency blanket, you'll be well-prepared for any emergency. Perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, and all other outdoor activities, this kit is an investment in your safety and security. Order now and be ready for anything nature throws your way!

Premium Survival Kit

VAT Included
  • Rip away Molle pouch, 900D polyester material, which is durable, has better tear resistance and water resistance.

    Powerful Headlamp, 4 light Modes with USB Charging and a comfortable head strap. 10-20 Hours battery life. Battery Capacity 600 MAh.

    84-piece first aid kit.

    Wind/waterproof Matches in a waterproof container with a striker.

    Map compass.

    Small waterproof container. (for pills etc.)

    10 x Oasis water purification tablets.

    D-Ring/Molle carabiner.

    Emergency Blanket 130cm x 210cm.

    3 in 1 whistle, with compass and temperature gauge.

    Good sized multitool, with piers, small blades, can opener etc. Also a bit set and a pen torch (2 x AAA batteries required) Great item.

    5 metres of paracord. (not suitable for climbing).

    1 x CPR guard.

    5 x FIRESTRIKZ fire plugs (handmade by us) in a small sliding tin. 

    1 x Free Illumiglow Chem light approx 6" (random colour).


  • Age restriction applies, due to the blade on the multitool.