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Looking for a reliable fire starter for your next camping or survival trip? Consider the FIRESTRIKZ Tinder Box! This expertly crafted kit includes everything you need to get a roaring fire going, including fatwood, wax and magnesium-infused jute sticks, and natural cotton. With the included vials of magnesium and FIRESTRIKZ fire plugs, starting a fire has never been easier. And with its waterproof orange container, you can rest assured your fire-starting tools will stay safe and dry in any weather conditions. Handcrafted with quality materials, the FIRESTRIKZ Tinder Box is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.


VAT Included
  • Waterproof box, 12.5cm x 7.5cm

    Wax and magnesium-infused 10mm x 10cm (approx) Natural jute stick

    Smaller wax and magnesium-infused jute string x 5

    A nice piece of natural fatwood (approx 8cm length)

    Bag of natural fatwood shavings

    Bag of spruce sawdust

    Bag of natural cotton

    2 x 2g Vials of Magnesium (250 to 325 MESH High grade)

    5 x FIRESTRIKZ Fire plugs in a sliding tin

  • The box comes with the original foam pieces. This will be included with the kit. Once you have used all the components, you can use the box as survival item storage, or you can refill it.