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The perfect companion for fire starting. The APOLLO FIRESTRIKZ Fire Starting Kit. Handmade in the UK.
Starting a fire is one of the main needs when you are out in the wilderness. Whether you are just camping, using your bushcraft skills or the need to survive. You can use this fire-starting kit in any weather. We use this kit ourselves when we go outdoors.
It is nice and compact, put it on your belt or attach it to your backpack. Molle fixings if you need it or use the 8mm carabiner attached. The kit will last a very long time as plenty of items are inside.


VAT Included
Only 5 left in stock
  • 2 x Ferro rods encased in a surplus brass casing, one small and one large. Perfect for hiking, camping, hunters, fishermen /women, survival kits, preppers, backpackers, bug-out kits, and survivalists. Designed for durability and handmade. They will give you an abundant amount of sparks on each use.

    Ferro rod 1 is approx. 9 cm long. It has a 6mm rod inserted.
    Ferro rod 2 is approx. 12 cm long. It has an 8mm rod inserted.

    Ferro rod striker, made from carbon steel, which will last an extremely long time. It also has a bottle opener, ruler (if needed) and serrated scraper. Attached to a length of paracord, which can be used as tinder as well.

    Natural Jute tinder sticks are soaked in paraffin wax and infused with magnesium powder. These will last longer than standard jute sticks.

    2 x 15cm which is a good 10mm thick.

    2 x Natural fatwood sticks. You can make fatwood dust or shave it off with your knife to use as tinder. Ignite from your Ferro rod, the jute or even combined.
    Both are approx. 10cm long by 2cm thick.

    A bag of Saw dust from Spruce without any other wood added.
    Perfect for that little extra tinder. Supplied in a fine jute bag which is water resistant.

    8mm carabiner and a small button compass attached to the carry pouch.

    MTP Army surplus magazine pouch, which is issued but not used. Perfect for this kit as it is very tough.
    Velcro closure
    MOLLE Fixings
    Size (W x D x H): 92 x 32 x 215 mm


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