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This 65 piece first aid kit contains everything you need for minor injuries and emergencies. The emergency bag includes plastic tweezers, 10 pieces of Wound plasters (1.7cm x 7cm), 12 alcohol cotton pads (5cm x 5cm), 5 iodine cotton swabs, and 5 alcohol cotton swabs. Also included are a Bandage Triangle (96cm x 96cm) 1 pack, 5 compressed towels (20cm x 20cm), and a roll of Stop tape (2.5cm x 45cm). The kit also comes with small scissors and 10 safety pins (3cm/1.18in). Also included are 2 pieces of gauze (5cm x 5cm), Povidone iodine prep pads (5cm x 5cm) 10 pieces, a bandage (5cm x 4.5cm), Tape (1.25cm x 45cm) and an instruction manual.


Keep this kit on hand to be prepared for any minor injuries that may arise.

65 piece First Aid Kit

VAT Included
  • For individuals who lack formal training in first aid, it is crucial to understand the care instructions to provide basic assistance in emergency situations. The guidelines in the manual aim to equip non-qualified individuals with the necessary knowledge to respond effectively. It is important to remember that while these instructions can be helpful, seeking professional medical help should always be a priority. In the event of an emergency, assess the situation and ensure your safety before approaching the injured person. Call for emergency medical assistance if necessary.

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