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Be prepared. Be ready.

Why you should start to get into prepping and some of the reasons why.

As we all know, we are living in uncertain times. Mother nature can cause devastating effects on us, our homes, and the way we live.

Then we have other possibilities, like Pandemics, economic instability, food shortages, job loss and financial hardship. This is just to name a few. You may have been in this situation before, or you were fortunate enough to get through it. We never know what the future may hold for us, best to be ready for it.


Here in the UK, we have had our share of hardship, and extreme weather events and there will be more to come, Please don’t kid yourself, what with post-COVID and the cost of living crisis still looming, the outlook look may look bleak. But in areas across the globe, much worse conditions have befallen them. My heart goes out to those that need help the most.

On occasion, events can unfold so quickly, that even if you are prepared, you can’t act on it quickly enough.

Most of the time those that prepare for the worst, do stand a better chance than those that don’t.

Every person should be reasonably prepared for emergencies, regardless of your age, politics, income, or location. Some sort of preparedness should be in place.

Preppers come from all walks of life, whether you are a doctor, a banker, a security guard, or a shop worker. It does not matter, anyone can prepare.

We are all guilty of relying on the stores to have everything we need at short notice. But in these unpredictable times, nothing is certain anymore.

Our economy is in breaking apart, the government that is supposed to help us is not. Things are getting worse, hopefully, it will get better.

I could go on about the doom and gloom, but that doesn’t help.

So, getting back to being prepared.

Preparing for the future can be rewarding and fun. Having the sense and fulfilment, knowing that you have done as much as you can for the unpredictable times.

It does not take much to start, you do not need to go full hog and spend your life savings in one go.

Little by little, build your resources, like food and water, an extra bit here and there. Other household items as well. You will be surprised how quickly your supplies will mount up. Be sensible in the items you buy though; my guide will help you. Below are the links.

Remember the information I give is free. Please have a look if you haven’t already done so.

Please be safe.

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